We have four comfortable treatment rooms  that offer privacy during your acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture is a method of treating pain and health problems by inserting fine needles into special points on the body.  The earliest evidence of acupuncture was 800 BC. The clinical documentation of the theories and practice of Acupuncture is found in the Huang Di Nei Jing  (Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine) which was written around 200 BC. This is the oldest medical textbook in the world and is a compilation of all the medical knowledge of that time. The theories discussed in this text provide the foundation for acupuncture diagnosis and treatment.


Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs are often a part of the treatment therapy and have an extensive history of documented use in China. Acupuncturists in California are trained in the use of over over 300 different herbs. Michel has extensive training and experience in herbal medicine and will make recommendations for herbs to help your condition when needed.



Cupping is a method of increasing blood flow by applying suction through a bamboo or glass jar, in which a partial vacuum has been created. This technique produces blood congestion at the site, and therefore stimulates blood flow. Cupping is used for low backache, sprains, soft tissue injuries, and helping relieve fluid from the lungs in chronic bronchitis. Michel received advanced training in cupping methods while working at Beijing Hospital in 2001.



Another popular treatment method is Moxibustion (or Moxa), which is the treatment of diseases by applying heat to Acupuncture points. Acupuncture and Moxibustion are considered complimentary forms of treatment, and are commonly used together. The Chinese word for acupuncture is "Zhenjiu". "Zhen" means "needle". "Jiu" is a reference to Moxibustion. Moxibustion is used for ailments such as bronchial asthma, bronchitis, certain types of paralysis, and arthritic disorders. Though trained in moxabustion, we prefer to use therapeutic heat lamps in our treatment rooms instead of creating a smoky environment by burning moxa. The therapeutic effect is the same.



This is the transmission of electrical impulses through the Acupuncture needles. This method is generally used for analgesia (pain relief or prevention). The higher frequencies are generally used for surgery (usually abdominal), and the lower frequencies for general pain relief. The first reported successful use of Electro-Acupuncture was in 1958 in China for a tonsillectomy.


Acupressure, Massage, Chinese Foot Reflexology


One of the most popular alternatives to Acupuncture is Acupressure. This is simply Acupuncture without needles. Stimulation of the Acupuncture points is performed with the fingers or an instrument with a hard ball shaped head. Another variation of Acupressure is Foot Reflexology. This is where the soles of the feet and the posterio-inferior regions of the ankle joints are stimulated. Many diseases of the internal organs can be treated in this manner.

Tuina massage combines hand techniques to massage the muscles and tendons of the body, acupressure techniques to directly affect the flow of the meridians, and manipulation techniques to realign the musculoskeletal and ligamentous relationships. External herbal linaments, and salves are also used to enhance the other therapeutic methods.





"...Improved Quality of my Everyday life..."

I think Michel is amazingly gifted. He is attentive, has a gentle manner, is easy to talk to, takes the time to review your chart and then asks questions to update the information. Because of this, I feel like I'm receiving excellent care and have confidence that I'm going to feel better after each treatment.

I had been looking for an acupuncturist for a while. Since this isn't the kind of care one looks for in the yellow pages I asked friends, doctors, and massage therapists for recommendations. Michel's name came up three times. I visited the office. The staff was very friendly, answered my questions, the environment was clean and welcoming so I took some information and decided to think about it.

Finally, I got tired of feeling unhealthy, unhappy, unsettled and I had a pain in my right side that just wouldn't go away. I couldn't sleep at night and the hot flashes were driving me crazy. I was taking a variety of medications for a variety of things medically but never really felt good and I was questioning the need for so many medications. At my first visit, when it was time to fill out the various lists of ailments I was amazed at the thoroughness of each list. I was shocked when I checked almost every box on each list which told me I was either becoming a hypochondriac or perhaps there really was something wrong and I was finally going to get help.

Two weeks after seeing Michel I was sitting at my desk and I noticed I was feeling great. Since it had been so long since I felt good I didn't recognize it at first. I felt young and energetic. My head was clear. I was focused and happy. Little things weren't bothering me. I was smiling, having conversations with people on the phone, and felt really good. I mentioned that to Michel on my next visit - he smiled and said "oh, you are going to have more of those kind of days". I was very excited but also skeptical. The next thing I noticed I was laughing - a lot more. My energy was consistently improving. I started to walk and garden again. My outlook on life was changing. I was sharing this information with anyone who would listen. On my last visit to Arizona my children said "geez, mom, you're talking a lot." To which I replied "Guess why? I'm happy. I feel good. Get used to it!" We all laughed.

It's only been two months. I feel like a new person - like my old self again. And for a bonus, I've gone in with terrible cramps from IBS and felt better within 10 minutes. I've gone in on emotional days and left smiling and feeling calmer. Rather than feeling lousy, grouchy, unhappy and gloomy, I sleep well, my hot flashes have nearly disappeared, I'm happy and enjoy most of my days. As for that pain on my right side - it still acts up occasionally but how nice not to have it every day.

Michel has improved the quality of my everyday life and for that I will be forever grateful.

Michel, Thank you.

Sandy Grayson, April 2011