Testimonials from our patients

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...the best 50-50 bet we've ever taken.

My husband was experiencing residual effects from radiation and treatment for prostate cancer.  He had to get up during the night five or six times to use the bathroom, and his quality of life was dismal.  I had read that acupunture could possibly help with urinary problems and contacted Michel Czehatowski, L.Ac. at Redding Acupuncture Health Care.  He was very candid about possible results, saying that he could give only a 50-50 chance of success.


My husband decided to give acupuncture a chance.  Michel began with a schedule of three sessions a week which continued for about two or three months.  The sessions were reduced to twice weekly for another couple of months then one weekly session for yet another couple of months then bi-weekly for a couple of months then once a month for a couple of months.  In addition to acupuncture, Michel also prescribed an herbal medication.  In Chinese medicine, "herbal" can mean animal, vegetable, or mineral; so the Mantis Cradle (formula) he prescribed wasn't an herb per se.  My husband is a retired pharmacist; so trying alternative medicine after practicing Western medicine for over 50 years was a leap of faith for him.  We are both delighted that he gave Chinese medicine a try.  He feels like his old self again, and, as a very light sleeper, I'm not disturbed numerous times during the night.  That was the best 50-50 bet we've ever taken.


Beverly Stafford, November 2012

(Note: Beverly posted this testimonial initially on Angie's List)

I was a total skeptic...

I suffered carpel tunnel pain for many years, and had all the cortisone injections I could until the only remaining option was surgery. To avoid surgery, and as a last resort, I went to Michel Czehatowski at Redding Acupuncture Health Care. I was a total skeptic, and went into the first session admitting my skepticism. Within less than two months' of treatments, the pain was gone. That was two years ago, and I've not had any troubles since. I don't pretend to know exactly how acupuncture works, but I know it helped me.


Doni Chamberlin, October 2014

(Note: This was originally posted on Doni's Facebook page)

I was a 2+ pack-a-day smoker...

"I was one of Michel's first patients when he came to Redding in the mid-80s.  I didn't know a lot about Acupuncture, except that the Pro Sports Teams used it successfully to aid in healing injuries and keeping their bodies fit.


Michel first got me up and going from a bad back injury I had since High School.  I had also heard, that Acupuncture could help with quitting smoking. (I was a 2+ pack-a-day smoker)  So, he took care of that nasty habit too with 2 visits and a short tune-up.  How wonderful, I had no withdrawal or cravings. 


Bottom line, for over 30 years my back is healthy and I have remained

smoke free the entire time.  Best health and monetary investment I ever made. "


Ralph Ely, November 2014

Early acupuncture chart depicting the Spleen Channel and points.