Here are some testimonials from our patients

People try acupuncture for different reasons. We hope that these testimonials will give you an idea of the results that are possible with acupuncture and herbal medicine.

You guys are Awesome!

 For the last eight months I was tired, off balance, and in a funk. I was physically and mentally exhausted all the time.  I tried exercising to get back my motivation for life and even went to a medical doctor. The doctor wanted to put me on long-term medications to cover up the problems I was having. I refused the medications and exercising wasn't working for my emotional health. I was frustrated and continued to be tired and sick all the time. Then, by accident, I stumbled across Redding Acupuncture Health Care while shopping at a nearby store. I was a bit hesitant, not knowing if Acupuncture would help, but I decided to come in and ask. I meet with Michel and, after explaining how he thought he could help me, he put me on herbs and started me on regular Acupuncture treatments. Within a few treatments I started to feel like myself again. My energy was back, my attitude improved, and my "Qi" was back.

I continue my care regularly with Michel to maintain my health. I highly recommend anyone struggling with emotional and physical health issues to come and try Acupuncture with Michel. I am a believer and am so thankful for my treatments. It has truly changed my life. Michel, Holly, and all the rest at Redding Acupuncture, I just want to thank you with all my "Qi" for bringing me back into balance and restoring my strong spirits... I can't believe the difference your treatment has done for my back and whole being. I thank you with all my heart, you guys are Awesome! xoxo  

-Lynette Penick, March 2011

"I was in pain 95% of the Time..."

My job involves long hours of driving and making deliveries. Every day I have to lift heavy trays in awkward positions. My back and neck were hurting a lot and I could hardly get through a work day without taking a handful of Advil and pain killers. The root of my pain is two bulging disks in my lower back and one in my neck which caused frequent headaches. I also have accelerated arthritis. I was going through life in pain 95% of the time. I was considering surgery before I went to Redding Acupuncture Health Care.

I came to Redding Acupuncture Health Care and was pleasantly surprised to find Michel and the staff very easy to work with. Michel was always honest and hopeful during my treatments. After several visits I had reduced the number of Advil I was taking for pain. After a month I only needed to take it occasionally.

I currently come in for treatments every other week and still see positive results. I have cut my pain killers in half, and feel good during my work week. Thanks to Michel I am living a much better quality of life. I would recommend Redding Acupuncture Health Care to anyone in constant pain, or considering surgery. I could not have been more content with my entire experience here!

-Jayson Ritenour, April 11, 2012

Within the first three visits my body...was on its way to healing and restoration.

Acupuncture is a holistic means of assisting our bodies when they require healing. In the Bay Area there are colleges that teach acupuncture where I could go for herbs or acupuncture treatments. When I arrived up here in the north state I was delighted to discover Redding Acupuncture Health Care.

For many years it was a comfort to know that it was there but then one day I had injured my back once again. I was unable to hold an adjustment to relieve the spasms even with additional massage.

I arrived at Michel Czehatowski's office a bit of a mess. After my first treatment I was calmer. It was not that it was instantly all better it was that my body was able to hold an adjustment and was on its way to healing and restoration.

Michel's calm nurturing manner is very assuring. I have always appreciated how treatment begins within minutes of walking through the front door. I refer patients to Michel on a regular basis from my massage practice.

-Susan Bradfield, February 2012