Our patients tell their experience...

Acupuncture can help many different problems, such as headaches, back pain and knee pain. Depending on the severity and type of problem patients may need ongoing care.

Headache Relief

Chinese Language Instructor

Susan Zhang  was on assignment in Redding several years ago teaching a four day introductory class in Chinese language. Michel was one of her students. One evening she was suffering from a migraine headache. Recently she sent us an email and had this to say:

"I always remember when I was so sick one time after dinner. You took me to your clinic and treated me, I felt better in about 15 minutes. I admire you as a Westerner

practicing Chinese medicine."

- Yuehua (Susan) Zhang

Singapore, March 31, 2013

I feel 20 years younger!

Relief, energetic, and wonderful are not terms I would have used to describe myself about a month ago. I had back pain that made me unable to walk or stand up for long periods of time. Finally after living with it for so long, being miserable and with no answers from Western medicine besides pain pills. I was referred to Redding Acupuncture Health Care where I met the acupuncturist, Michel Czehatowski. After my first treatment I felt relief instantly. By the second week of treatment I was feeling

wonderful. It felt as if I was 20 years younger! I had energy like I have never had before and I even quit smoking. Now I am able to enjoy life, walk more, and do activities that I wasn't able to do before. I can now enjoy shopping for my grand kids.

Michel is just great. Aside from his pleasant bedside manner he is knowledgeable and confident in what he practices. His office is not like a regular doctors office. Appointments are easy to make and he see's you on time. I would definitely, with no hesitation, recommend acupuncture for anyone who is looking for natural healing.

It really works!

-Barbara Dean, November 2011

Ancient acupuncture chart showing the Small Intestine Channel and points.

Treatment of Back and Hip Pain

I first came to Redding Acupuncture Health Care for treatment in September 2009. I have had scoliosis most of my life and started seeing a Chiropractor in High School. At age 30 (1986) my lower back was fused. In 2003 I broke both my knees in an accident and later had both knees replaced. The replacement knee are not the same. My left leg is shorter which gives me back problems. I talked to my doctor about it and he recommended more surgery - which I refused. I had already given him four chances.

I then went to see Dr. Jamie Smith, DC in Palo Cedro, CA. X-rays showed degenerative bone disease, severe kyphoscoliosis, and arthritis in my spine. Dr. Smith was unable to help me and referred me to a pain management clinic. The doctor there tried several different procedures but they could not be completed due to the curvature of my spine. The doctor then suggested a pain pump which I also refused. I returned to Dr. Smith who did not give up on me.

Dr Smith then referred me to Redding Acupuncture Health Care where I started treatment with Michel Czehatowski, L.Ac.

From the beginning I have had success in controlling my pain with acupuncture. Over the past year Michel has kept me active with regular treatments. I am able to ride my horses and garden. I still have some pain but no pain pills. I am comfortable with Michel. I find him very easy to talk to and discuss my problems. He shows interest in my problems and never seems in a hurry. Also, the office staff is always pleasant and friendly and never treats you like a number.

I will stay with Michel and acupuncture treatments as long as he keeps me active.


Gwynne Livingston wrote this testimonial in December 2010. In August 2013, after being a patient for four years she unexpectedly passed away.